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Domain Names
What is a domain name? A domain name is required in order to have a custom web address. Learn how domain names work here.

Domain Name Registration Tutorial
Follow this procedure to register your domain name.

How to transfer an existing (pre registered) domain name to your website
If you already have a domain name and want to associate it with your new website, follow these steps:

Setting your Primary Domain name for the website
If you have multiple domains attached to a site, one must be assigned as the primary domain.

Updating Domain Contact Details
To up date the contact details of your registered domains.

Requesting an authorisation code (UDAI)
How to generate a new authorisation key for your .nz domain managed by us.

Domain Name Verification with Google, Microsoft, Mailchimp etc.
Get the steps to validate your website via the CMS. Domain verification. Verify domain name. You can access all 3 methods of domain verification in the domains tab.

What are your nameservers and IP addresses
The nameservers are the machines that convert web addresses (domain names) to machine IP addresses (numerical addresses)

Domain name renewals
What happens when your domain name is due for renewal

DNS - Changing A-Records, CNAME records, TXT records
Warning, this is for advanced users only.

DNS - Changing Nameservers to a new host
Here is where you need to go to update your nameservers

Lapsed Domain Names
What to do if you haven't renewed your domain name on time and decide you want to keep it

Adding a Subdomain (sub host) to your site
How to set up a subdomain eg. example.yourdomain.co.nz

Website Statistics
Where do I find and the how do I understand my website's statistics?

Investigating Outages
Sometimes users experience website outages that may not actually be a website outage, but actually an outage of the clients connection, or some link in the middle. Read on.

Domain Free parked and Google Apps
Q: Will Google Apps work with a free parked domain name? A: Yes, but we do not provide any free support for this. Our support obligation for free parked domain names is "Master nameservers" and "Registry Contacts" and "Billing". It does not include "A-Records and CNAME and MX" However, DNS is active in any state other than NEW/DELETED.

Having trouble getting the UDAI from another .nz registry?
Some unethical web designers and other registrars fail to set you as the registrant name, and instead use their own name. This is against the .nz rules.

How to purchase a domain name that is registered to someone else.
It is a complicated business to purchase a domain name that is registered to someone else. Our support is strictly limited to the following advice.

Domain Privacy

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