Domain Registration

Enter the domain name of your choice in the box below to find out if it's available for registration. 

NOTE: Existing users, please first login to the CMS and register your domain name there linked to a webspace.

Discounted domain registration for e-compass website customers is NZ$29+GST per year for most NZ domains. 
Services include: 
  • FREE PARKING: All domain names are parked for free. Web hosting fees only apply when you 'Go Live'.
  • FREE WEBSITE BUILDER: All domain registrations include access to a free website builder (Website World platform) to build your own website. (Hosting fees apply when you make your website live.)
  • Note: email services are only provided with web hosting plans.

Payment can be made by Online Banking.  Please Note: Registrations will be completed once your payment has been received. 

Selecting the right domain name

You should normally pick a domain name that closely resembles your company name. Short and easy-to-remember domains are preferable, e.g. use your company initials or abbreviated alias. Leave the "Ltd"  part off. If you are mainly selling to a domestic market, use appropriate local suffix like .nz or for New Zealand.

If your target market is specifically foreign, register a .com, .net or .biz address.

You can purchase more than one address for a website, however it achieves little in the search engines. Search engines will tend to favour your primary name and will ignore the others. Having more addresses is really only good for managing common misspellings, or common aliases for your company name that people may enter directly into their address bar.

It is a good idea not to impinge on someone else's trademark. Use this great NZ Government website link to search trademarks, domains and the Companies Office in one single search: 

How much does it cost?

The fee for purchasing and setting up most domain names for e-compass website customers is NZ$29+GST. 

Some domains are more expensive and have minimum terms; please attempt registration of your domain for clarification of the registration cost.

Payment for domain names is required within 3 days. You can pay by online banking. If you pay late, the registration process may not complete, possibly allowing other people to register your domain name.

Renewal fees are the same as registration fees for all customers hosting live websites with e-compass. Customers hosting websites elsewhere will pay $47+GST a year for domain renewals. 

How long does it take?

If you have a prepaid account balance or make a transfer to our bank from an ASB account (which should appear immediately), your domain registration will be completed within 4 hours.
If you are an existing customer and have a prepaid balance, you can register .nz domains in real time. For all other payment methods, please allow from 1 to 5 days for your payment to be received and processed. Once payment has been received, we will contact you to complete the registration process.

My country's suffix is missing

We can only register for a limited number of countries/suffixes, or the process is more complicated/expensive in the missing countries. 

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